If you are moving your mattress then you have to know the exact and right steps to transport the mattress.

If you want to transport your mattress then it’s crucial to know how to tie down a mattress in a truck bed.

Because transporting a mattress on an open road can cause accidents if your mattress moves from its position during transportation.

That’s why it’s important to load and secure your mattress perfectly in a truck bed.

Let’s check out how to tie down a mattress in truck bed in the right way.

How to Get the Perfect Size of Mattress For a Truck Bed?

Its important to know the size and dimension of both mattress and the truck bed before you load your mattress in your truck.

Because what size of mattress fits in your truck is most important.

After knowing what size mattress fits in your pickup truck then you can start loading your mattress in your pickup truck.

But before you load and tie your mattress on the truck bed, there are things you need to consider before tying a mattress.

3 Crucial Things to do Before Tying Your Mattress on Truck Bed

Before you start reading about tying a mattress to the truck bed, it’s important for you to do some things before you tie your mattress.

1. Select the Right Size of Mattress

Before you load your mattress on the truck bed, first know the right size of mattress for your truck because you don’t want to transport a large mattress that is bigger than the truck bed.

So always select the right size of mattress for your truck bed and if the mattress is larger in height then you can leave the tailgate down to fit the mattress.

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2. Protect The Mattress

Believe me, the last thing you want to transport is a dirty and stained mattress.

So you need to protect your mattress against dirt, dust, debris, and other stains which can occur during transportation.

You can use a mattress cover, plastic wrap, or a blanket and cover your mattress.

And use straps to hold down the cover and mattress.

3. Position of Your Mattress

Once you know the right size and protect your mattress with a plastic cover or blanket then you need to load your mattress and position the mattress in the correct position.

If your mattress is more significant than the truck bed size then it won’t lay flat, in this case, you need to slide your mattress to the left-hand side and put your mattress at an angle that enables one side to sit within your bed and another side to rest on the opposite bed rails.

Steps To Tie Down A Mattress in Truck Bed (Closed Truck)

After knowing the size, protecting the mattress, loading your mattress, and positioning your mattress,

Now comes the step to tie your mattress to your truck bed.

We will follow these steps for tying your mattress to a closed truck bed.

Secure the Mattress with Ropes

Most of the closed trucks comes with wooden rails on their sides for enabling the tie downs.

You can use ropes for securing and tying down your mattress to the storage area side of the truck.

But if you are using rail then knot-tie one end of the ropes that you are using to rail towards the top of your mattress.

After that tie down the other side of the rope to any lower rail.

But make sure you use enough ropes to tie down your mattress on the truck bed perfectly.

How to Tie Down a Mattress in Pickup Truck

If you are transporting your mattress in a pickup truck then follow these steps before you tie down the mattress in a pickup truck.

Step 1: Cover the Mattress

If you are using a plastic cover or blanket then tie down the blanket or cover it with your mattress by using ropes or straps.

Tie-down ropes from side to side and top to bottom of your mattress.

This way you can secure the blanket or cover on the mattress so it won’t slide away.

Step 2: Tie Down Your Mattress & Leave the Tailgate Down

After you secure the mattress cover then you need to position your mattress and after that, you need to ropes to the ropes that are already wrapped around the mattress.

Make sure you link at least each side of your mattress.

If your mattress is bigger then you have to leave the tailgate down to fit a mattress in your truck perfectly.

And when you are leaving the tailgate open then make sure you tie two ropes across the opening area to stop the mattress from sliding out of the pickup truck.

Step 3: Drive Slowly

Once you secure and tie down your mattress in the truck bed, always drive slowly and safely.

So this is how you can tie down a mattress in a truck bed.

Final Words

Using a truck or pickup truck for moving your mattress is a better choice than moving your mattress in the car.

Because tying your mattress on the car’s roof rack can be dangerous that’s why you need to use the truck for transporting your bed.

Tying your mattress to a truck bed is not a hard task to do, you can do that with simple steps.

But things you need to do before you tie your mattress is so important such as protecting your mattress, positioning your mattress, and placing the right size of the mattress are so important.

If you have any questions regarding tying down your mattress in the truck bed then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.