There is no better feeling than camping with a jeep grand cherokee.

Because that SUV has more cargo space it can accumulate a large size of mattress easily.

But will a twin mattress fit in a jeep grand cherokee?

Yes, twin size mattress can easily fit in a jeep grand cherokee. Because a twin mattress is the smallest size in the mattress which is 38 inches by 75 inches.

And the cargo space of the jeep grand cherokee is 84.6 cubic feet which are more than enough to accumulate a twin-size mattress.

So which type of mattress you should fit in a jeep cherokee, and what are things you need to know before fitting a twin mattress in a jeep grand cherokee?

How to fit a twin mattress in jeep grand cherokee.

If you have these questions then don’t worry, we got you covered.

How Big is Twin Size Mattress?

Twin Size is the smallest size in mattresses that can fit in any SUV, no matter how small the cargo space it has.

A twin mattress is 38 inches wide and 75 inches long.

Twin-size mattresses can only accumulate single person so you need to know that only one person can sleep on twin size mattress.

There is also Twin XL Size which is bigger than a twin mattress only in its height, the dimension of Twin XL size is 38 inches in width and 80 inches long.

So after knowing the dimensions of a twin-size mattress, let’s know how much cargo space do jeep grand cherokee have.

How Much Cargo Space Does Jeep Cherokee Have?

Jeep cherokee is known for its size and dimensions, this SUV has more cargo space compared to other SUVs.

If you fold down the middle and last seats then the jeep cherokee can have 84.6 cubic feet of space but you need to measure the dimension by yourself.

Because depending upon the make and model the dimension and cargo space can vary.

The new model of jeep cherokee has more than 85 cubic feet of cargo space but the old model only has 63.5 cubic feet of cargo space.

So you need to measure the dimensions by yourself so you can determine which size mattress fits in your jeep.

Measure the cargo space when seats are folded down and without seats folded down.

Will A Twin Mattress Fit in a jeep grand Cherokee?

Yes, the twin mattress will fit in a jeep grand cherokee without adjusting anything. A Twin Mattress can lay flat in the cargo area of a jeep cherokee.

Twin size is one of the small sizes in mattresses so if you are looking for a twin size for your car camping trip then it’s the best size for a single person.

But if you are going car camping with another person then I should recommend you to take a full-size mattress in a jeep cherokee.

Pro Tip: Will a Queen Size Mattress Fit in Jeep Cherokee?

What Type of Twin Mattress Can Fit in Jeep Grand Cherokee?

When considering mattresses for a car camping trip then there are lots of types of mattresses like an air mattress, foam mattresses, folding mattresses, and many more.

But here are some types of mattresses that you can use for a car camping trip.

Type 1: Air Mattress

This is the number one type that most people used when they go on a car camping trip.

Because air mattresses are lightweight, convenient, and easy to carry.

You can even fold an air mattress into small pieces and store it in the bag.

That’s why our first recommendation is to use an air mattress for the jeep grand cherokee.

Type 2: Foam Mattress

Most car campers don’t use foam mattresses because you can’t fold them and they can be heavy.

But people who love to sleep on a real bed and wanted to get an amazing home-like sleep experience with the hugging feel of memory foam, they use memory foam mattresses.

But make sure the foam mattress should not bigger than the cargo area because, unlike air mattresses, you can’t fold them into small sizes.

Type 3: Folding Mattress

A folding mattress can be a great option for a jeep grand cherokee because its width is smaller than the cargo area of your jeep cherokee.

And can easily fit in your jeep cherokee but you can’t roll them or fold them into small sizes.

After knowing which type of mattress you should use, let’s know how to fit a twin-size mattress in a jeep cherokee.

How to Fit A Twin Mattress In A Jeep Grand Cherokee?

If you know the trick for fitting a mattress in a jeep cherokee then you can fit any size of mattress in your jeep.

Follow these steps for fitting a twin-size mattress in your jeep.

Step 1: Thing you Need to Know

There are things like the dimension of cargo and how much space your jeep cherokee have.

These are things you need to know before you start fitting your mattress.

Because depending on the make and model the dimension of the cargo space in the jeep cherokee can change.

So make sure you know all the sizes, dimensions and how much space after the seats folded down and without folding down.

After knowing these dimensions you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Protect Your Mattress

Before you put your mattress inside your SUV, make sure you use a mattress cover or plastic wrap to protect your mattress against dust, debris, sweat, and other types of stains.

After protecting your mattress then you can start driving.

If your mattress is moving in the cargo area then you can use ropes and ratchet straps to hold your mattress in one position.

Step 3: Drive Slowly

This is last but not the least thing you need to remember while car camping.

Always drive slowly when you put your mattress in the back of your SUV because the mattress can change its position if you drive fast.

Final Words

A Twin size mattress or twin XL-size mattress can easily fit in a jeep cherokee depending on the make and model of your SUV.

Jeep cherokee is one of the favorite SUVs in the united states which has large cargo space so don’t worry about it.

If you have a jeep grand cherokee then you are the luckiest person with the large cargo space of an SUV.

If you have any questions regarding fitting a twin mattress in a jeep grand cherokee then you can ask them in the comment section of this article.